WELCOME TO OUR SITE Invent Farm Ltd. Is a Polish family company the business activity of which focuses on health prevention and support. The key feature of the products on our offer is the fact that they have been developed according to our own composition based on traditional recipes combined with scientific research. We pay special attention to strict rules of production and the choice of best quality ingredients. While manufacturing our products, Invent Farm closely cooperates with Medical University of Lublin, University of Life Sciences in Lublin and the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants in Poznań. Our products have received the positive recommendations of scientists working at the above mentioned universities. We would like to invite You to get familiar with the product offer of Invent Farm Ltd.

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      Para Farm 30 caps.

         Dietary supplement

Package: 30 capsules

          The ingredients of this product has been specially composed to:​

  • create unfavourable conditions for the development of parasites and their spore forms,
  • create unfavourable conditions for the development and multiplication of bacteria and fungi,
  • heighten the immune and digestive system,
  • support better digestion.


Invent Farm

Para Farm

Para Farm 30 ml and 85 ml are liquid products guaranteeing effective deworming. They are dietary supplements which eliminate parasites and their spore forms from a human body. Deworming allows to successfully get rid of non-specific symptoms of parasitose (the disease caused by parasites). Para Farm was composed in such a way that it efficiently eliminates parasites and their spore forms and prevents their re-population in the organism. Deworming with Para Farm is fully effective and safe.



Invent Farm

Allergo Farm

Allergo Farm 30 capsules – supports functioning of our organism in the period of increased exposure to allergens, helps in proper functioning of the upper respiratory tract and allows to keep our skin healthy.



Invent Farm
less stress

Stres Farm

Stres Farm 100 ml – alleviates the effects of stress and facilitates sleep.



Invent Farm
effective weight loss

Slim Farm

Slim Farm is a preparation which benefits from the synergic activity of plant compounds supporting slimming and detoxification of our organism. It has been developed for those people who ask themselves questions concerning how to loose unnecessary kilos effectively and healthily. Liquid form of the product guarantees its better absorbency as compared with many other slimming pills. Slim Farm does not produce yo-yo effect after completion of the slimming diet and helps in detoxification of our organism.



Invent Farm
better metabolism

Gluko Farm

Gluko Farm 50 capsules – facilitates the carbohydrates metabolism, helps to stabilise the level of sugar in blood, enhances detoxification.



Invent Farm

Lacto Farm

Lacto Farm 10 i 20 kaps. zawierający 3 miliardy bakterii kwasu mlekowego IV generacji w kapsułce.



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Certificates and awards

Business Cheetah 2014

2014 brought another statue of the Business Cheetah. 934 companies representing the food industry were chosen to be awarded with the statue and we were this time ranked 5.


 The 2014 Strong and Trustworthy Company Ranking

We are among 10500 Polish companies which were awarded the title of Strong and Trustworthy Company. In the nationwide ranking we hold 137th position.

 The 2013 Business Cheetah

We are glad to boast of the title of the 2013 Business Cheetah which is awarded to the enterprises according to the increase of their market value. In Lublin area, there were 1312 companies researched, and 814 of them received the statue. We were ranked 27, which is a huge success.

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